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Turn your Vision into Reality

Faith like a mustard seed can move mountains. Yep, faith as small as a seed can change your dreams into reality.

Often at times, we tend to sit on our dreams wondering whether they could ever be fulfilled. We look at reality, then we look at our dream, and we calculate whether it could be successful. Once the calculations are made, we either venture on to pursue this dream, or we lock this dream away forever because we afraid that it will fail.

Every single one of us was made for a specific purpose, with a unique set of skills and talents that impact others and the world. Some of us were created to save lives, build companies, find a cure for a disease, others were created to teach, to make people laugh, to impact lives through new ways of communicating.

There are over seven billion people in the world, yet your vision, your voice, your talents and gifts matter. You are needed. No one can create like you do. No one has the exact same vision as you. No one has the same mind and heart as you.

You were created for a purpose, and that passion that you’re contemplating to hide on a shelf is apart of it. It’s about time you removed it from the shelf and transitioned from just being a dreamer to being a doer. Bring your dreams to life.

So you may wonder what you should do now. Well I’ve created some steps that will help you to turn your dream into reality.

1. Believe in yourself

Believe in yourself and what God has placed in you. Even when times get tough, know that your talents will make room for you.

2. The Plan

What is your vision? Is it to set up a business, pursue a career, study for a qualification, move to a different country? To make a vision move from your mind into reality you need a plan.

Your plan should clearly state what your vision is. Be very specific e.g Commercial Lawyer, Social Media Marketer, Psychiatrist for Adults or Children, Business Owner for Plumbing, Events Manager for parties, Commercial Building Contractor, Homeowner in Spain, live in France, go to dance school.

3. Research.

Now that you know what you want to do, you’ll need to research the best ways to achieve this dream. Go online and look up the best ways to achieve your vision. Read blogs, watch videos, follow social media accounts that specifically talk about the best ways to achieve this goal. Learn from other peoples mistakes. Then turn this research into a list of things to do.

4. The List.

When I decided to pursue my dream of setting up my music production business, I created a list that covered everything from registering my business, to the appearance of my social media pages. I already had the experience of creating tracks for myself and others, but in order for me to compete with other music producers, I knew that I needed more than experience. My list looked something like this:

When creating your plan, you must clearly write down everything that you need to do, making sure that you’re at least accomplishing one task each day.

With you understanding your vision, researching and making a plan, you can successfully turn your vision into reality. Although the road may seem difficult and long, remember why you’re doing what your doing.

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