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1. Terms of Use


1.1. Any track that is purchased from BeatzbySharn can not be refunded.

1.2. Artist must credit BeatzbySharn

1.3. Licensor (BeatzbySharn) forbids any release or other distribution of the instrumental either as they exist, or any modification there of. The licensor can not sell, loan, rent, lease, assign rights to another user.

1.4. Licensee must include credits to licenser on all physical media containing a portion or sum of the instrumental that is being licensed in agreement. Including but not limited to CDs, CD covers, Casette tapes, Mixtapes, Website etc.

1.5. Licensee must contact and inform licensor of CD sales if the instrumental is used for commercial purposes with a record label with gross revenue of over £1,000,000. The licensor must get credit for the instrumental unless agreed upon otherwise by the two parties.

1.6. Written consent is required if the instrumental is to be used for radio broadcast, commercial advertisement, television broadcast, video games, internet, and background music or film soundtracks.

1.7 By receiving this contact via email, you automatically agree to the terms stated above.

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