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How it works

The Process of purchasing a track

1. Go to the BeatzbySharn store by selecting 'Buy Beats'.

2. Listen to the tracks that are available and see which track you want to purchase.

3. Once you find a track you like, click on the track and select 'Buy Track'.

4. Once you have purchased a track, it will be available to download immediately.

Exclusive Tracks

An exclusive track can only be sold once. When you purchase an exclusive track, the producer can not sell the track to another customer.

Custom Tracks

If you would like BeatzbySharn to create a new track specifically for you or for a project that you're working on send your request to


Please send your request with the following information:

1. What is the instrumental track for? Is it for a song release, production or project? 

2. What is the genre of the track? 

3. How long would you like the track to be?

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